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Mod. 220/V            Mod. 220/VC

With this new type of machine, particularly fit for the laundry sector, it' spossible to iron every kind of clothes in the best way.

The machine can be supplied with automaticc boiler or connecte to a central source of steam

It is complete of six footboard to work both on one side and on the other one. The machine is complete of one iron, adjustable basket for clothes  and one ironing arm steam ehated and vacuum On demand it' s possible to install the "spotting group" complete of one inox spotting  arm , spotting gun and tanks for recover of the products. This will allow to clean each kind of spot in a very fast and easy way!


MOD. SC/1                                                      MOD. SC/2


Steam generator for the iron of hats with one or two  interchangeable aluminium hat-blocks.

  With this NEW type of machine is possible to iron every kind of hats and especially wooden hats. You can also iron different shapes hats and hats with cuffs.

  It's main characteristic is the particular aluminium hat-block that starts heating as just as you switch on the machine. The steam reaches the hat-block through a foot-board moved by the operator, this makes the hat become soft , then the the vacuum dryies the hat , that is now perfectly ironed and soft.

  The machine is complete of one or two  standard aluminium hat-block  but on your demand we can furnish the size you need for your work ( example smaller for women or children ). The replacement of the hat-block is very easy to do that can be done by the operator too.